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Quick & Simple Apple Cyser Recipe

Quick & Simple Apple Cyser Recipe

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This is a super quick, and simple cyser you can use! This is my first every Mead I've made, and after less than 2 weeks it has finished with around 17% apv. (Forgot to get the first gravity reading but the second batch I made came out at 1.130. The ending was 1.000) I started it on the first, and just started racking it. If you're looking for a quick mead, you could easily apply potassium Sorbate and back sweeten it.

This recipe is designed for 1 Gal.

3 Liters of Apple Juice (or cider)
Yeast (I use Premier Blanc)
2 to 3 lbs of Honey
1 tsb Yeast Nutrient

Get a small bowl, or something to put a little bit of apple juice in. Then put your packet of yeast in the bowl. This will allow the yeast to activate by the time you're finished. Next get a larger bowl or something to place hot water in. Then you will place your honey in that. This will make the honey easier to pour. Let sit for about 5-10 minutes.

Get a bucket or carboy, and then pour your honey into it. You can use a funnel to make things easier, and less messy. Then pour in some apple juice into your empty honey bottle(s) (if the honey bottle is empty) shake vigorously to ensure that all honey is out and pour that into the carboy/bucket as well. Next pour in half of the apple juice, and shake until the honey is completely mixed into the apple juice. Add the rest of the apple juice, if you're using a carboy make sure you leave enough space in the glass so it doesn't overflow during fermentation. After that, add your yeast/apple juice mix into the carboy/bucket and gently shake in the yeast. Lastly, add your Yeast Nutrient, and give another slight shake, and place in a dark room with around 70/74 fahrenheit.

Let sit for 2 weeks, make sure the gravity doesn't fluctuate for about 3 days in a row and then rack. Let sit for however long you want, and optionally back sweeten.

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